The Dorothea van Dyke McLane Scholarship Program

The Dorothea van Dyke McLane scholarship program is open to all students who are permanent residents of Princeton and who are attending a four-year college. Awards are granted on the basis of achievement, character, motivation, and financial need and are subject to renewal throughout the recipient's undergraduate college career. Since 1963, over 400 scholarships have been awarded. To date, there are 40 students enrolled in the program.

Applications are available in local schools. To apply, or for more information, contact your guidance counselor or Eleanor Pinelli at (609) 921-7911

2010 Scholars

The 2010 Scholarship winners: In the photo are from left to right:
Valeria Espichon-Garcia, Wilson Urius, Evan Gershkovich and Eleanor Pinelli, chair of the scholarship committtee.
Not available for the photo, but also recipients of a scholarship from Dorothea's House are: Olivia Alperstein, Sheeba Arif, William Dobbs-Allsopp, Asela Pere Ortiz, Ajamu Kambon, Jennifer Sanic

The 2007 scholarship winners are (from left to right in the photo): Lauren LaPlaca, Olivia Moorhead, Brandi Best, Julio Lopez, Mark Baldino, Justin Morton, Lucas Stern, Ricardo Broadway. Also recipients of a scholarship, but not available for the photo are: Marcia Wells, Niall Lessard and Gabriella Cifuentes.

The 2004 Dorothea's House Scholarship recipients, left to right: Eleanor Pinelli, chair of the scholarship committee, Philippa Fraumeni, Magdalena Pumpulova, Amber Cifelli, and Sarah Ellesse Ramirez.

Absent from the photo are scholarship winners Oliver Crocco, Arwa Ibrahim, Sumia Ibrahim, Claire Marchetta, Antoine Newlin, Clarissa Noguerira, Leanne Philip, John Embley, Charlene St. Clair, and Sanda Win.