Prepared by Robert B. Immordino

1981 to the Present
In 1985, in appreciation for Frank Clark's long association and positive contributions to Dorothea's House, the Board established an annual scholarship in his honor.

The next year, the Board appointed a committee to stimulate wider use of Dorothea's House by the Princeton Italian-American community. Board members on the committee included Joseph R. Nini, Alessandra Mazzucato, Eleanor Pinelli, Anthony Cifelli, Linda Prospero, and Fred Travisano. The committee, headed by Mrs. Mazzucato and aided by area volunteers, arranged a series of cultural, educational, and social programs. Since then, the programs have included lectures, films, art exhibits, food preparation, and music recitals. The programs have been well attended

Ninety years after its opening, Dorothea's House remains in excellent condition, a credit to the diligence and care of the Boards of Trustees through the years. Over that time, thirty-eight distinguished local citizens have volunteered their talents and time administering to the affairs of the Dorothea van Dyke McLane Association. Guy Richards McLane's endowment gift has been prudently invested over the years, providing the Board with the necessary funds to cover the costs of diverse programs, charitable contributions, maintenance, operation, and repairs of Dorothea's House and other commitments.

As we look back over the past ninety years and review the multiplicity of positive contributions made by Dorothea's House, we can appreciate the wisedom and foresight of Dorothea's husband and father in establishing this living memorial to her.

Although originally built as a community center for Princeton's poor Italian immigrant families, Dorothea's House has, over the years, been a quiet beacon illuminating and enriching the lives of countless Princetonians. If the walls of the House could speak, one might marvel what wondrous tales they could tell. Dorothea's House, in the words of Thomas Carlyle, "is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground secretly making the ground green."

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